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A Super Friendly Club where everyone is welcome

Horsham Salsa started in June 2006.

There was an existing Salsa club in Horsham where Jon was teaching. When the owner moved back to Spain, Jon took over running the club. He re-named it to Horsham Salsa. After an uncertain start, the identity and nature of the club became established. 

The club moved to Cuban style and introduced 'La Rueda' - The Wheel.

Through having to learn how to dance Cuban salsa, the club has become adept at introducing dancers to this dance form and taking them from Beginners to whatever level they wish to achieve. 

Since that time, we have seen many clubs in Sussex come and go. We've had to change venues as ownership has changed. Yet always at the heart of it all has been Jon's love and passion for Cuban salsa and that remains the driving force to this day. 

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