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Horsham Salsa

Started in 2006, Horsham Salsa was originally a cross-body salsa club. Jon's passion for Cuban Salsa and in particular La Rueda (The Wheel) moved the club towards this very popular style. 

Over the years, many dancers have started in Horsham. As dancers lives move them around the country, some have gone on to dance elsewhere. They have found that the grounding they got at Horsham & Crawley has stood them in good stead wherever they have moved to.

Some of the dancers have gone on to teach in big clubs and some have started their own Salsa enterprises. 

Although never our plan, we are aware of over 10 marriages that started in the Club. We have no idea of how many children, we just know it is more than the number of marriages. 

In Horsham, we take your welfare seriously.

We don't teach drops or lifts. Even so, we are fully insured, we declare our income and pay tax. It is always a good idea when learning Salsa to ensure that the club is insured. 

Company: Dance Company


Passionate, Graceful and Flawless ;-)

In Jon's corporate career, Salsa was his stress buster. When his corporate career had had enough of him, it proved very useful to be able to turn his hand to teaching Salsa.

It wasn't a plan to start a salsa club, more that he was left 'holding the baby' when the original owner returned to Spain back in May 2006.

As a result of investing in sound equipment to ensure that the music sounded great, Jon also became a mobile DJ.

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